Sedation Dentistry

Are you one of the people who tense up with fear when thinking about visiting the dentist and having all those tools near your mouth? Would you rather sit through the pain of a toothache than to set foot inside a Bradford dental office? If you’re one of these people, then visit Holland River Dental for premier sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed during your visit. With our methods, you can be comfortable during your entire appointment and leave with healthy teeth and no fear.

We’re a trusted name for sedation dentistry in Bradford, ON and we are proud to offer promising quality-oriented services.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using various kinds of medication to guide patients to a relaxed state. There are different levels of sedation, which range from being awake and relaxed to being completely asleep. Your dentist will assess you to determine what the best method of sedation is for you. Your personal preference will also be considered, as our goal is your comfort and safety.

Types of Sedation

Inhaled sedation: This is commonly known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask that is then placed over the nose. It keeps patients relaxed and wears off quickly.

The dentists at Holland River Dental have their hands on all types of sedation methods and that is one of the many reasons that make us stand out from our all providing sedation dentistry in Bradford.

Oral sedation: Patients that request sedation may be given a pill or liquid along with nitrous oxide. The medication will be taken about an hour before the procedure to keep patients relaxed, and it wears off easily.

IV sedation: This sedation method involves injecting a sedative into the body, resulting in a much faster effect. Your dentist can adjust the level of sedation throughout the procedure. You may need a little recovery time after IV sedation.

General anesthesia: With this sedation method, you will likely be completely unconscious. After the procedure has been completed, you will need to recover before leaving the office.

If you want to preserve your oral health, it is imperative that you attend biannual dental appointments with a local Bradford professional. Our office has trained dental experts that can provide you with the comfort and care you need to have healthy teeth. Schedule an appointment at Holland River Dental today if you are looking for sedation dentistry near you in Bradford or surrounding locations.

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