Pediatric Dentistry

Children have lots of different dental needs than adults, and often, kids are quite anxious about going to the dentist. This is perfectly normal, and we at Holland River Dental in Bradford take pride in giving kids positive dental experiences every time they step in the office. The success of pediatric dentistry is helping kids avoid problems like cavities and teach them the lifelong habits of dental hygiene that will give them the quality of life they deserve. There are many different reasons to bring kids to the office, but we strive to make it a great experience.

Considering the importance of kids dental health, Holland River Dental offers the best services of pediatric dentistry in Bradford, ON and a team of certified professionals is right there to ensure treatment and care.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on the dental needs of kids. This can be a variety of things. One of the first things to understand is that kids have a set of teeth that will make way for permanent teeth. These baby teeth must be kept healthy because the underlying development of adult teeth is based on their health. Pediatric dentistry also focuses on how the permanent teeth are coming into the mouth. Teeth should come in on a straight line. Impacted teeth can cause lots of pain and give rise to frequent problems for children with their adult teeth. Pediatric dentistry is all about providing kids proper oral hygiene.

What are Pediatric Dentistry Procedures?

There are many different procedures encompassing pediatric dentistry at Holland River Dental in Bradford. Exams and cleanings are a big part of the practice. Another important part of the practice is analyzing the growth pattern of the adult teeth. The goal is making sure all adult teeth have space in the mouth to erupt. Sometimes this will mean performing extractions or creating space in the mouth with braces, so an impacted tooth has a place to sit in the mouth, once all permanent teeth have erupted, there’s no need for pediatric dentistry.


Your child’s oral health is essential. Make sure they are getting the care they need by calling us at Holland River Dental in Bradford so we can make sure that our pediatric dental services are giving them a permanent, beautiful smile.

For every time you search ‘pediatric dentistry near me’, the answer will be Holland River Dental so make sure you schedule your appointment here!

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