Your Holland River Dental professional specializes in orthodontics, which handles anything that has to do with the position of your teeth. A Bradford dental professional can take a look at your teeth and discuss how orthodontics can benefit you.

Holland River Dental has the team of best professionals available to provide you the top-notch dental treatment near you in Bradford, ensuring an overall improved dental health.

Do You Need Orthodontics?

If you’re wondering if orthodontics may help correct issues with your teeth, you should visit your local dentist and speak with a professional about your oral health. Orthodontic appliances may be recommended if you have any of the following issues with your teeth:

Overbite/Underbite: Upper teeth stick forward/lower teeth are too forward, or upper teeth lean back too far

Crossbite: Upper teeth do not meet lower teeth while biting down
Open Bite: A space exists between the upper and lower front and side teeth when the back teeth rest together

Misplaced Midline: The center of the upper and lower front teeth are not aligned

Spacing: Any gaps between teeth that are due to misshapen or missing teeth

Crowding: The jaw is not big enough to support the number of teeth in the mouth

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Your dentist will assess your teeth to determine whether orthodontics should be used to correct any dental issues you may have. If you are a candidate, there are several treatments plans and appliances your dentist may discuss with you to achieve the smile and oral health you desire.

Braces: Braces involve wires and brackets that are used to push teeth gently into their proper place over time.

At Holland River Dental our endodontists have their hands on all of these appliances and they vouch to offer he best orthodontics treatment in Bradford, ON.

Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are removable appliances that apply pressure to teeth, repositioning them.

Retainers: Retainers are often recommended after orthodontic treatment using braces and aligners to preserve the results of orthodontic treatment. Mouthguards: If you play sports, grind your teeth, suffer from sleep apnea, or have jaw issues, your dentist may recommend mouthguards to protect teeth and reposition the jaw while you sleep.

Any individual in Bradford who is concerned about their oral health should visit Holland River Dental. You can schedule an appointment in our office to get premier care from a dentist near you. We provide excellent services from dependable and highly trained dental professionals to take the best care of your oral health. Call today to schedule your appointment for our dentist for orthodontics treatment in Bradford today!

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