Mouth Guards

Mouth guards have made considerable advances in the past several years, and while they still serve the same primary purpose of protecting your teeth during sports or to keep you from grinding your teeth when you sleep, there’s a good reason to see a dentist like Holland River Dental rather than making an online or over-the-counter purchase.

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While stock mouth guards can be easily purchased online or in a big box store, there’s little that can be done to adjust their fit which means there’s more room for injury in sports or a reduction in their effectiveness if the mouth guard is used for sleeping.

Also, because stock mouth guards tend to be bulky, breathing and talking can sometimes be difficult.

But most of all, stock mouthguards provide minimal protection, which is the number one reason most dentists don’t recommend their use.

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What About the Boil and Bite Option?

The concept behind boil and bite mouth guards is that they can be placed in hot water to soften before being placed in the mouth to shaped around the teeth, leading a lot of people to think it’s a custom fit. The bottom line is that while these types of mouth guards do offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors, they still have their limitations.

So, What’s the Solution in Bradford?

Holland River Dental recommends custom-fit mouth guards since they can be conformed to your exact mouth, thereby providing maximum protection and ease of use.

Plus, the process is simple. First, we’ll make an impression of your teeth so the mouth guard can be molded over the model using a special material. This method is a little more expensive than stock mouth guards because of the special material and extra time and work involved, but it provides the most comfort and protection since it conforms to your mouth.

When it comes to protecting your teeth, why have a one-size-fits-all mindset? When you book your appointment with Holland River Dental for mouth guards in Bradford, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive a mouth guard that’s not only comfortable to wear and durable against wear and tear but also offers maximum protection as well.

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