Emergency Dentistry

The bad news about dental problems is they often don’t wait for the office hours to rear their ugly head. The good news is when you have a staff dedicated to a positive patient experience like Holland River Dental in Bradford West Gwillimbury, our team is ready to help with whatever your dental emergency is whenever it should arise. Regardless of whether or not our office is open, we are the emergency dentist near you, prepared to help you get the help you need near Newmarket, Bond Head locations.

Why Do Patients Need Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dental care is an important part of our practice because dental emergencies don’t occur based on office hours. Sometime, the reason for a dental emergency could be trauma, such as a missing or broken tooth. Other times, you could be having a nice dinner, bite down on something wrong and that activates a dental problem that may have been dormant. Regardless of the reason, teeth wait on no schedule, and if you are having pain or something happens, the most important thing to do is get treatment for when something occurs. Don’t try to wait out the pain, get help right away.

Our emergency dentist in Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON caters to the dental requirements of the patients and offers the necessary treatment using the latest state of art technology equipment.

How are Emergency Dentistry Procedures Performed?

Often, urgent dental care is dependent on what has actually occurred. One of the most common reasons patients need emergency treatment is because the nerve root in the tooth is infected. The treatment for this is a root canal and a crown. Other times, a tooth may be broken and need to be extracted or repaired. The good news is our team at Holland River Dental in Bradford understands the nature of dental emergencies. We can get you in the chair right away and help you through this tough time.


When something happens with your teeth, don’t try to wait out the pain. Get help immediately. Call Holland River Dental if you need an emergency dentist in Bradford, Newmarket, or nearby so that you can get the help you need right away – waiting is not an option.

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