Orthodontic Treatment Can Provide a Winning Smile

Orthodontic Treatment Can Provide a Winning Smile

Nov 01, 2019

When most people think of orthodontic dentistry, their minds immediately flash to old-fashioned metal braces that were popular in past decades. While this type of smile correction may still be effective in certain instances, there have been many advances made in modern dentistry that allow patients more choices when making a smile correction.

If you’re looking for a dentist near you for orthodontics treatment in Bradford, ON, that provides a complete suite of modern dentistry treatments, the team at Holland River Dental are here to provide you with exactly that!

How We Can Help You or a Family Member with Modern Dental Care in Bradford

When choosing a new family or general dentist for orthodontic treatment near you, there are a few things that should be at the top of your list. Apart from types and quality of services they offer, one important factor is their availability for Saturday appointments.

At Holland River Dental, we know that many of our patients lead very busy lives as they try to juggle work, family, and social activities. The last thing we want anyone to experience is stress about having to fit preventive or orthodontic dentistry into their already-full list of activities. That’s why we offer convenient Saturday appointments. We hear from our patients on an almost daily basis how much they appreciate this appointment flexibility.

Another hallmark of a modern dental practice is the types of services the office provides. No one wants to run all around town to see one dentist for orthodontics treatment in Bradford and another for cosmetic dentistry in Bradford. Instead, modern dental practices should be able to provide a full range of services from dental exams and routine cleanings to dental crowns and dental bridges – and everything in between, including orthodontic appliances.

Most Popular Orthodontic Treatment from a General and Family Dentist

Do you have one or more of the following smile concerns that you’d like to correct?

  • Your upper teeth stick forward,
  • Your lower teeth are too forward
  • Your upper teeth lean back too far
  • Your upper teeth do not meet your lower teeth when you bite down
  • Your teeth have spacing issues between them
  • Your upper teeth are not aligned aesthetically with your lower teeth
  • Your teeth are not uniform in appearance
  • Your teeth appear overcrowded for the space they occupy

If you can identify with one or more of the above, you’ll be happy to read that corrections such as these can be made without the use of traditional metal braces. Instead, patients can improve their smiles with the use of retainers or clear aligners. Also, a simple tooth extraction in emerging teeth can sometimes correct spacing issues without the need for any specialized orthodontic treatment.

You’re Never Too Old for a Smile Makeover

Another benefit in modern orthodontic care is that it’s not something that’s reserved only for teenage smiles. Patients of all ages are able to get the benefits of the treatment they wish they’d had when they were younger – but without the embarrassing metal!

Clear dental aligners are appliances that can be removed by the wearer whenever they want to keep their smile correction to themselves. Some examples include office meetings, business presentations, and social engagements.

Imagine how discreet your dream of a perfect smile can be when you use clear aligners in your smile transformation. Not only are they almost invisible, but the convenience of being able to remove them for short periods of time make them one of the most sought-after orthodontic treatments available for patients of all ages. Keep this in mind when choosing a dentist near you for complete dental care.

One Final Note on Selecting a New Dental Home for Your Family

Another thing to consider when selecting a new general and family dentist in Bradford, ON, is what other patients have to say about them. If you have time now, we invite you to take a look at the reviews that our patients have left about their experience with Holland River Dental. We’re a professional – yet humble — practice and don’t like to draw attention to anything other than our amazing dental work, but we believe our reviews speak volumes as to the type of dental care that you’ll receive.

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