Most Common Dental Emergency

Most Common Dental Emergency

Jan 09, 2023

Your mouth is unique and different from everyone else’s. If you develop a dental situation in your mouth in the morning or evening, you must aim to seek medical attention from a dentist without considering visits to drugstores for painkillers or emergency rooms. Dental emergencies are as unique as your mouth, making their presence felt when least expected.

What you consider a typical dental emergency might become a severe problem affecting your gums and teeth, progressing silently to a non-curable condition. For example, you might not think some bleeding from your gums is painful. However, you might also experience some pain with the bleeding or when chewing foods. While gum disease, a preventable condition, is widespread globally and in the United States, it is a silent killer with no cure. If you have the most common gum disease in your mouth, you can only receive treatment for the condition throughout your life from the Bradford dental office by visiting them frequently.

Which Dental Problems Need Immediate Treatment from Dentists?

A typical dental problem affecting many people is dental cavities which they tend to ignore, hoping that the hole in their tooth will heal itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and continues burrowing in until it reaches the soft center of the tooth to affect the dental pulp. Infections of the dental pulp cause excruciating pain besides lingering sensitivity to temperatures needing immediate treatment from the emergency dentist in Newmarket to eliminate a severe infection inside the tooth by undergoing root canal treatments. Ignoring the need for this treatment results in tooth loss, making replacements with artificial teeth essential.

Although not typical, another problem is a knocked-out tooth that needs attention within 30 minutes from any dentist offering emergency services. The timeline is critical because it means the difference between attaching the tooth in your hand into its socket or searching for replacement options to close the gap in your mouth.

Which Dental Situations Can Wait Until Later?

Not all dental emergencies need immediate attention, although they are more common than the abovementioned situations. For example, broken fillings can wait until you receive urgent dental care from your dentist to restore the cavity in your tooth. Likewise, loose or detached dental crowns can also wait until you can get to your regular dentist for attention or get the tooth fixed by an emergency dentist if you want to prevent unnecessary complications in your mouth.

Conventional orthodontics is another issue that might concern you or your kid if they have braces on their teeth to correct crowding, misaligned, or crooked teeth. The brackets and wires of traditional braces can break to cause discomfort in your mouth by poking against the soft tissues. In such conditions, you must seek treatment as soon as possible to alleviate the pain and prevent your orthodontic treatment from reversing because your teeth miss the pressure the braces apply to move back into their original positions.

Similarly, if you chip or crack your tooth by biting down on complex foods or trying to use your teeth as tools to open packages or cut nails, you help yourself by seeking urgent care from the Newmarket dentist to repair the tooth using tooth-colored filling materials because it helps prevent your mouth bacteria from getting into the chips or cracks to create additional complications.

Essential Tips to Prevent Emergencies

Dental emergencies are challenging to prevent. However, you can adopt measures that help minimize damage to your teeth and mouth and safeguard your oral cavity.

For example, if you are involved in contact sports, it helps to have a custom-created mouthguard to wear and prevent severe injuries to your mouth from sporting activities. The mouthguard is a preventive measure to safeguard your teeth from chips and cracks that might occur if you get struck in the mouth.

Keeping a watch on what you eat and how also plays a role in safeguarding your teeth. Your straight and beautiful teeth can break if you bite on hard candy or tough meats. You don’t have to wear a mouthguard when eating these foods but must exercise caution by sucking on candy and cutting meats into smaller pieces, making them comfortable for chewing.

Besides the above, you must care for your teeth and mouth appropriately by maintaining excellent dental hygiene practices and visiting your dentist for regular dental checkups. Your dentist can detect anomalies in your mouth during the checkups to suggest remedies for preventive measures that help safeguard against emergencies.

If you encounter a dental situation and don’t know how to manage it, Holland River Dental providing services during and beyond office hours, can help deal with the situation. Kindly consult the practice whenever a dental problem affects you.

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