Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strip FAQs

Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strip FAQs

Nov 01, 2022

From mouthwashes to toothpaste and teeth whitening strips, there are plenty of choices available to get a dazzling white smile. Lumineux teeth whitening strips are a peroxide-free method to whiten teeth. They are simple to use and are highly portable. Read below to know everything about Lumineux non-toxic teeth whitening strips.


Is Lumineux Whitening Strip Safe During Pregnancy?

Since Lumineux whitening strips do not have hydrogen peroxides, it is completely safe. Although whitening teeth is safe for pregnant ladies, doctors usually do not recommend it. Therefore, if you are expecting a child, tell the emergency dentist in Newmarket,Ontario, Canada before using the product.

Do I Brush My Teeth Before Using Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips?

Yes. It is essential to brush your teeth before and after the use of Lumineux whitening strips.

Can I Drink Water After Lumineux Whitening?

No. Avoid drinking or eating anything for half an hour after using the strips. For an effective outcome, always use Lumineux mouthwash and teeth whitening toothpaste.

How Long Does it Take for Lumineux to Work?

The full treatment takes 14 days to notice a change in the smile only after a single use. Ultimately, you will get your teeth white up a few shades.

Is it Safe to Use the Strips on Restorative or Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Yes. The teeth whitening formula in the product is gentle and safe. But it does not make the crowns or veneers white. The teeth whitening strips are only effective in eliminating the stains on the surfaces of teeth. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the shade of your veneers or dental crowns, the only way is to replace them completely at the dental clinic.

How Do Lumineux Strips Whiten Teeth?

Lumineux teeth whitening strips are made of many ingredients. One of them is coconut oil. The fat present in the oil binds the fats in the mouth bacteria. This helps to loosen up the stains and plaque.

Is Teeth Whitener for Enamel Safe?

No. The product contains no ingredient that will result in damage to the tooth enamel.

Can I Use Lumineux Whitening Strips with Braces?

Teeth whitening strips cannot whiten beneath the braces. It might leave shadows on the teeth in the shape of brackets. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wait till the dental professional at Holland River Dental removes your braces.

What Things to Take Care of After Using Lumineux Strips?

The dentists at Ontario, Bradford dental office offer some instructions to follow after the use of the strips:

  • Consume foods that stain teeth.
  • Floss once a day and brush twice a day.
  • Say no to smoking and tobacco use.
  • Use a straw to have drinks that stain teeth.
  • Use a teeth whitening toothpaste.
  • Wash your mouth after having every meal.

Does Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strip Cause Sensitivity?

No. The product does not lead to the sensitivity of teeth.

What Does Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips Contain?

Lumineux non-toxic teeth whitening strips contain the following ingredients:

  • Dead sea salt.
  • Vegetable glycerol.
  • Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil).
  • Lemon oil.
  • Carbomer.
  • Sage oil.
  • Deionized water.
  • Carboxymethyl.

Can These Strips Lighten Every Type of Stain on Teeth?

No. Today, there is no whitening product that can treat every type of tooth stain. Usually, there are three types of stains-internal, external, and stains caused by aging. Internal stains are present within the tooth enamel. External stains are on the outside of teeth. However, stains associated with age are not stains. With time, tooth enamel gets thin.

It exposes the yellow shade of the denting present underneath it. Lumineux teeth whitening strip can eliminate the external stains on teeth. They can also reduce internal stains to some extent. But when it comes to age-related staining, these strips cannot help.

How Often Do I Need to Use the Strips?

If you have a lot of coffee, use the teeth whitening strips daily. The company usually recommends patients use them daily for one week and then once or twice a week to maintain the results.

Why Do Lumineux Whitening Strips Leave White Spots?

Sometimes, patients experience white spots on their teeth after using the strips. They are usually not a matter of concern because these spots are temporary. White spots occur when the teeth do not get proper hydration when you had teeth whitening strips on the teeth.

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