Is It Beneficial to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Is It Beneficial to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Dec 01, 2020

Do you schedule regular checkups for every member of your family for any matter regarding their health? You may have a different yardstick for your child and decide to take them to a pediatrician instead of a general practitioner. However, do you apply the same concept when it relates to the child’s dental health?

It has been noticed that many parents do not consider children’s dental health as vital because they believe the child will lose all their teeth by the age of five or six. Parents prefer taking children to their family dentist instead of a children’s dental Center, where a pediatric dentistry provides specialized care. Should parents continue with this habit or look at the benefits of taking their children to a pediatric dentist? This article provides some information on why a pediatric dentist is better for your child than your family dentist.

Why Prefer a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child?

Pediatric dentists are also dental care professionals offering similar services as dentists for adults. The services they offer include cleanings, checkups, fillings, sealants, and crowns. The responsibility of prevention, detection, and treatment of any oral issues in children is that of the pediatric dentist.

The training pediatric dentists receive is the same as general dentists. They must acquire a DMD or DDS degree from a dental school after four years of training. After that, pediatric dentists must complete at least two to three years of residency in pediatric dentistry for treating children. After they have completed their residency, they can get licensed after taking the exams required.

The Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

Dental anxiety exists in children and adults alike who both fear visiting a dentist’s office. The fears are similar and could be the strange smells and noises of the dental office. However, it is essential to form a good association with a dentist at a young age, especially for a child. The association is crucial for the child’s development. It is why the child’s visits to a pediatric dentist are essential because they receive attention from a specialist who understands how they should be cared for.

What Does the Pediatric Dentist Provide That’s Different from General Dentists?

Here are some differences between the practices of general dentists and pediatric dentists that should convince you why children are better off with pediatric dentists.

Kid-Friendly Environment

The pediatric dentist in Bradford, ON, the practice is tailored specifically for children. The environment is entirely kid-friendly, with bright, cheery walls and everything else children favor than a general dentist’s office. The atmosphere makes your child feel at ease and free from any dental anxiety.

Friendly Staff to Treat Children

The Bradford dentist understands they cannot deal with all children by themselves. It is to overcome this drawback that they have a team of trained staff to deal with children and reduce any dread or distress among them. Even if your child is hysterical during the visit, the staff remains calm and uses efficient calming ways to soothe your child down. The training of the team is especially helpful when dealing with children with issues like autism or ADHD.

Caring for Primary Teeth Is the Job of Kids Dentistry

Do you think baby teeth don’t need looking after? You may think baby teeth will all fall out, and replacements will emerge in the form of adult teeth. However, the reality is quite different because not all baby teeth fall out. Kid’s dentistry can recognize problems with your child’s baby teeth, and they are fully aware of how to deal with them before they cause any further damage. Baby teeth have thinner enamel and are composed differently from permanent teeth. General dentists may find it challenging to address these issues effectively as a pediatric dentist.

Pediatric Dentists Can Minimize Pain and Fear

Children are chronic to tooth decay and cavities and will develop some at some point in their lives. When your child develops holes, you may want a caring dentist to manage the treatment. Your child can be squeamish during the filling procedure, causing interruptions repeatedly. However, a pediatric dentist will address the issue calmly without chastising your child. They will ensure the first memories of a cavity filling contribute to the child’s overall feelings about dental practices.

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist ensures they have positive experiences or dental care and dental office visits. It confirms their oral health and overall health remains excellent when they are starting early with a qualified pediatric dentist caring for their teeth.

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