How Would You React If Your Dentist Recommended Root Canal Treatment?

How Would You React If Your Dentist Recommended Root Canal Treatment?

Mar 01, 2020

If you were ever recommended root canal treatment by the dentist in Bradford your first reaction would be to provide excuses about why you cannot undergo the treatment. Perhaps you don’t realize that the endodontic treatment would have been recommended to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal which would also prevent reinfection within the tooth and save it.

A root canal is only recommended for removing the inflamed or infected pulp within the tooth before it is carefully cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed. You should not be concerned even if the Bradford dental clinic recommends that you undergo an emergency root canal to treat a diseased or damaged tooth. Millions of people are having their teeth treated every year and saved to relieve them from the pain they are suffering and making their teeth healthy again.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment which is also known as endodontic treatment is a serious procedure that is handled by specialists every day. Undergoing the treatment will ensure you are saving the natural tooth that can provide you many advantages. The treatment ensures you continue to have sufficient chewing ability, natural appearance, normal biting force and sensation, and protection for the other teeth from excessive wear and strain. Rather than find excuses to avoid the treatment you should be willing to undergo the same because of the benefits it can offer you.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Root canal treatment is no more painful than having any other dental procedure like getting a filling or having wisdom teeth extracted. You will be administered anesthesia that will prevent you from experiencing any pain during the procedure. However, you can expect some soreness after the procedure along with mild discomfort for some days.

How Can You Determine If You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are generally needed for a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, issues with an earlier filling, or a deep cavity. You may need a root canal if your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Some symptoms that may indicate that you need a root canal are the following:

  • Severe pain when chewing or biting.
  • Pimples on the gums.
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after the sensation has been removed.
  • Deep decay or darkening of the gums.
  • A chipped or cracked tooth.

The dentist recommending endodontic treatment would be doing so only to ensure you are free from the pain and to help you maintain your natural smile and continue having the foods you love. Most importantly, he or she would be limiting the need for ongoing dental work. Therefore it is recommended that you accept the suggestion of the dentist in Bradford and prepare yourself to undergo root canal treatment without hesitation because it is a better option than having the infected tooth extracted.

Root Canal Treatment Is a Simple Procedure

If you are undergoing a molar root canal the endodontist will initially administer local anesthesia before making a tiny access hole on the surface of the tooth to remove the diseased and dead pulp tissue with small files. This ensures that everything within the root canal is removed.

After the initial procedure, the dentist will clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow area by using irrigation solutions and small files. The tooth will then be filled with a rubber-like material using adhesive cement to seal the canals completely. The tooth will be dead after root canal therapy and you are unlikely to feel any pain in the tooth because the nerve tissue would have been removed and the infection eliminated.

The tooth would have been rendered fragile than it was earlier because it needs to receive nourishment from the ligaments that attach it to the bone. The supply despite being sufficient will in time make the tooth brittle making it necessary for you to either have a crown or a filling to give you the ability to use the tooth as before.

Most root canal treatments can be completed in a single appointment unless you have curved, multi canals or large infections which may necessitate additional appointments.

Root canals certainly have a notorious reputation as being painful and expensive but it is a better option than losing your tooth altogether and investing in tooth replacements that are cost-prohibitive. It is for this reason that Holland River Dental recommends root canal treatments because it can help to preserve the natural tooth.

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