How to Find Relief from a Root Canal?

How to Find Relief from a Root Canal?

Dec 04, 2019

Most patients quiver at the thought of a root canal wondering about the pain and the costs of the treatment. It can undoubtedly be confirmed that most do not even know what a root canal is. A root canal therapy also goes by the name of endodontic therapy is a treatment for removing the infection from within the tooth. The removal of the infection protects the tooth from future infections. The therapy is conducted on the pulp of the tooth which is the root canal.

Who Needs a Root Canal?

The signs for needing a root canal will become evident when people have a deep cavity, cracked tooth, or loose filling from where the bacteria can access the pulp. When the bacteria infect the pulp it causes the pulp to become injured or diseased rendering it unable to repair itself and dying. The infection will weaken the bone and also break it down. Swelling will be observed around the ligaments of the tooth which by itself will become loose.

An injury to the pulp will make the tooth sensitive to heat and cold and also cause pain when chewing. Some people have throbbing pain constantly.

Patients suffering from this problem can either choose to have the tooth extracted and deal with the numerous problems that come along or opt for a root canal that will be suggested by the root canal service in Bradford.

What Are the Causes of Decaying Pulp?

Bacteria in the mouth accessing the pulp via large cavities, cracked or broken tooth is one of the many causes for a root canal. The pulp exists inside the crown and nourishes the tooth while also providing moisture to the surrounding material. People who take proper care of their oral health and ensure bacteria do not get an opportunity to breed in their mouth will in most cases not be victims of a root canal. People that do not care for their oral hygiene and even neglect regular dental exams and cleanings are often affected by this problem leaving them with no options but to undergo a root canal or have the tooth extracted altogether.

Is the Procedure Painful?

As stated earlier the mere mention of a root canal puts the fear of the devil into people making them believe it is extremely painful as well as an expensive procedure. Perhaps people do not understand that root canal treatment in Bradford, ON, is conducted by a qualified endodontist who ensures it is relatively painless. The pain felt by the patient is often from the infection they have allowed breeding rather than the treatment. The treatment rather than causing any pain helps to alleviate it from the patient.

The endodontist generally numbs the area around the tooth with local anesthesia to ensure the patient feels no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Some pressure will certainly be felt during the drilling and cleaning along with some tenderness and swelling after the procedure. However, these are temporary and can easily be managed with over-the-counter medications. Prescription drugs or antibiotics may also be prescribed by the performing surgeon to prevent any infections.

What Are the Steps of a Root Canal Treatment?

The surgeon will first put the patient under local anesthesia and make a tiny hole on the surface of the tooth. The access hole allows the removal of the diseased and dead pulp from within the tooth with small files.

After the tooth has been cleaned and disinfected the surgeon will fill the tooth with a rubber-like material by using an adhesive cement to completely seal the canals. The tooth can be considered as demised after the treatment as the patient will not feel any pain in the tooth after the removal of the nerve tissue. The infection would also have been eliminated by the surgeon.

A root canal treatment despite providing relief from the infection will leave the tooth fragile and prone to cracking. It will need protection in the form of a filling or a crown. However, the protection can only be provided after the tooth as healed and in the meanwhile, the patient may be fitted with a temporary crown.

Tooth Decay Can Be Prevented with Proper Oral Hygiene

For preventing infections the specialists in root canal treatment in Bradford, ON, recommend the following:

  • Brushing teeth before going to bed and at least another time during the day.
  • Using a fluoride-containing toothpaste.
  • Using a suitable toothbrush and replacing it regularly.
  • Visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.
  • Flossing to remove food particles and debris from between the teeth.
  • Staying away from sugary drinks and foods and having a healthy diet.

Dental sealants are also recommended because they are capable of preventing decay.

Finding relief from a root canal is not as difficult as imagined because the root canal service in Bradford is willing to provide the treatment needed by patients. However, patients are recommended to maintain proper oral hygiene if they wish to relieve themselves from this problem forever without ever having to visit an endodontic office for root canal treatment.

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