How Teeth Whitening Helps to Enhance Your Beautiful Smile

How Teeth Whitening Helps to Enhance Your Beautiful Smile

Feb 03, 2022

A healthy, bright smile is the best way to make an excellent first impression. Unfortunately, many people do not have confidence in the appearance of their smile. Whitening your teeth may be the motivation you need to start smiling more. Discolored, stained, and other dull-looking teeth can negatively affect your self-esteem in many aspects of life.

Our professional team at Holland River Dental in Bradford is ready to evaluate the nature of the discoloration and provide solutions to help patients get a bright white smile. We are the best place for teeth whitening in Bradford, ON, among other services.

How is Teeth Whitening Done?

A teeth stain remover lightens the color of your teeth, thereby improving their overall appearance by making you have a brighter smile and reducing tooth discoloration.

Although most people strive to get brighter teeth, it is essential to remember that teeth are different. Just as we have different hair and skin colors, people also have different teeth colors. Some people have darker teeth than others do. Moreover, teeth become naturally darker over time for some.

Whitening can be done at our dental clinic or at home. The following is a summary of the different types of teeth whitening available:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can only be done through your dentist. However, the results are more reliable, long lasting, and safer.

When your teeth are professionally whitened, your dentist will apply whitening treatments on the inside or the surface of your teeth. Your dentist will use a professional ultraviolet LED light to activate the whitening gel. This process can provide you with the best results in the shortest time.

UV light is the most effective light frequency, which can turn white quickly without discomfort. The procedure takes about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the severity of discoloration.

At Home Application

The professional take-home kit uses a custom-made bleaching tray similar to a mouth guard, which is put on to apply the gel to the teeth.

The trays are put on every day for around 30 minutes or more, depending on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the bleach. The lower the peroxide percentage, the longer it can be safely used on the teeth.

Below are some of the ways teeth whitening helps improve your wellbeing by improving your smile.

  • A Bright Smile Encourages you to Smile

When you are content with your smile, you are more likely to be outgoing and friendly. This will not only make you happier but also make a good impression on others. Feeling better about your appearance will help you build more confidence.

A good first impression is good for all aspects of life. Whether you are attending an interview or on a date, a confident, bright smile positively helps you.

  • You will Appear Younger

If you want to look younger, whitening your teeth is a good option. Teeth whitening is a simple way to make you look younger without any invasive surgery. Whiter teeth will make you look younger. A white smile makes your face glow and covers any signs of aging.

  • It gives you Confidence

A brighter smile helps you feel more confident. This is useful for every day, but it can also provide extra motivation for special occasions.

Whether it is a wedding, party, or dinner, teeth whitening can help you look and feel best on occasions like this and more.

  • It Strengthens Commitment to Dental Health

Teeth whitening may be an important step in improving overall dental health. When you look in the mirror and see a bright smile, you are more likely to want to take good care of your teeth. This means flossing and brushing your teeth every day, taking care of your gums, and arranging regular dental checkups.

To maintain your white teeth, ensure you avoid foods and drinks that can damage or stain your teeth. This includes dark and acidic beverages and sugary foods. In addition, you should avoid smoking tobacco products to keep your teeth bright.

The whitening treatment lasts, but it is not permanent. If you maintain good dental hygiene, you will wait longer between whitening treatments.

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