How Pediatric Dentistry is Different

How Pediatric Dentistry is Different

Aug 27, 2019

Many people assume that dental care is the same no matter the age. That could not be further from the truth. Pediatric dentistry is complex and requires patience and care. Children have a much harder time regulating their emotions and behavior. Pediatric dentists are specially trained in handling childhood fears and anxiety to ensure the formative years are full of positive dental experiences. Here at Holland River Dental, we pride ourselves on being one of the best pediatric dentistry providers in Bradford ON.

What Makes Pediatric Dentistry Different

Pediatric dentistry starts from a child’s very first tooth and continues until the child becomes an adult. In most cases, pediatric providers want to start care within six months of the very first tooth erupting. That is because being able to follow the child’s progression from infant to adult makes it easy to catch issues as they arise.

When an adult patient comes in for the first time, they may already have established decay and other problems. The way to care for them is to repair what can be repaired and remove what cannot be repaired. In pediatrics, the dentist can get a head start on these issues. If teeth are overcrowding, the dentist can refer a patient for braces. If a cavity is forming, it can be filled immediately before it gets a chance to create a larger hole.

Most adults have some level of fear of the dentist. They may not come in often enough to receive adequate care because of that fear. When children start seeing a dentist from a very young age, they grow up with dental care being a normal event.

What to Look for in a Quality Pediatric Dentistry Practice

It can be hard to determine if a pediatric dentistry practice is right for your child’s needs. A quality provider will take their time with your child. They will get to know your child’s fears and work to allay those fears. Usually, pediatric dentists have been trained in common childhood behaviors and fear-based reactions so they can properly respond to them.

Most good pediatric dentists want to start the first few visits with light cleanings. Doing some light cleanings allows the child adjust to the chair, the smells, and the sounds of the office. Eventually, the dentist will need to do more thorough exams and cleanings. A good pediatric dentist would have already built a relationship of trust with your child, so the child should not be too afraid at that point.

Try to find a pediatric dentistry provider near you. Having the provider close will help your child feel at ease. They will know you aren’t too far from home.

Why Quality Pediatric Dentistry is Important

Oral health is the foundation of whole-body health. Dental decay can signal deeper health issues in the body. Good oral health can signify good overall health. It is important to make sure children are raised with healthy dental hygiene practices. It is also important that any dental injuries or problems are handled immediately. Overcrowding and cavities are just two examples of dental issues that commonly affect children and can cause a great deal of pain. Having a good pediatric dentist can prevent things like cavities from happening. If a painful dental issue does arise, your child’s provider can handle it quickly with as little physical and emotional pain as possible to the child.

Our Practice

Our practice truly cares about your child and your child’s dental needs. We will take the time to get to know your child and calm their fears. Our staff is knowledgeable and takes pride in making every patient feel important. Teaching proper brushing and flossing is essential to healthy teeth and gums. We want to help you get your child started in life with good dental hygiene practices that will last a lifetime.

We offer regular exams and cleanings, including x-rays. There are sealants available to try and prevent decay. We also monitor the growth pattern of your child’s adult teeth to ensure they reach adulthood with good oral health. When necessary, we provide fillings, extractions, and root canals.

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