How Can I Fix My Teeth Shape?

How Can I Fix My Teeth Shape?

Dec 01, 2022

If your teeth are shaped unevenly, you cannot fix them yourself. Instead, you must visit the Newmarket dentist to meet with the provider after examining your teeth to determine what best suits your needs.

Your teeth might lose their shape because of teeth grinding and clenching, damage due to impacts on your mouth, or orthodontic problems leaving your teeth crooked and crowded with gaps between them. Uneven teeth due to teeth grinding or damage are comfortably treated by dentists providing tooth reshaping and contouring services. Unfortunately, if you have an orthodontic problem, you are in for a long haul because you need orthodontic appliances to correct the positioning of your teeth to have a beautiful smile.

If you think orthodontic appliances made from metal brackets and wires appear ungainly in your mouth or cause embarrassment, the Bradford dental office offers you a revolutionary alternative to change your teeth shape with Invisalign clear braces. These braces are created from dental grade BPA-free plastic that fits snugly over your teeth to change their shape and put them in appropriate positions.

Which Is the Alternative Treatment of Invisalign?

Invisalign is an excellent therapy for mildly or moderately misshapen teeth. However, if you seek an alternative to Invisalign, you can find many solutions offering similar remedies. Unfortunately, none are as effective or popular as Invisalign, which has an incredible success rate helping nearly 5 million people globally to change their teeth shape. Therefore although you can find alternatives to Invisalign, you will find it challenging to locate a therapy as effective as Invisalign treatment because of the technological advances incorporated by the manufacturers in the clear aligners.

What Kind of Problems Does Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign treats mild to moderate issues of misshapen teeth like underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, crowding and crooked teeth, and gaps between your teeth. However, if you have a complicated situation, the dentist in Newmarket recommends you seek conventional orthodontic treatment with metal brackets and wires to change your teeth shape. Therefore if you have mild to moderate misshapen teeth, you can comfortably get them reshaped within 6 to 18 months if you are a candidate for Invisalign therapy.

How Do You Start Reshaping Teeth with Invisalign?

Initially, you must schedule an appointment with the dental office in Bradford for a consultation to discuss your smile goals and ask questions if you have any of dental practice. If you qualify for Invisalign therapy, the dentist captures images of your teeth and mouth using 3D intraoral cameras and allows you to visualize how your smile appears after the treatment. If you accept the treatment plan provided by the dentist, the images are forwarded to the manufacturers to create your customized orthodontic braces.

You receive a series of orthodontic braces from Invisalign with instructions to start wearing them over your teeth immediately and changing every set for a new batch after three weeks. You also receive instructions to keep the aligners over your teeth for at least 23 hours every day, unlike conventional orthodontic treatments that remain on your teeth throughout the day and night.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and unnoticeable by anyone passing around you. In addition, they are removable and need removal when eating or drinking anything but water. Finally, you can clean your teeth appropriately to maintain excellent dental hygiene and return the aligners to your teeth to continue your treatment.

Invisalign teeth aligners are not accompanied by brackets or wires and don’t need monthly adjustments from orthodontists. Instead, the manufacturers provide you with a series of aligners, each tighter than the rest, to help move your teeth into their proper positions. As you don’t have to visit the orthodontist every month, it reduces your costs because you merely see the dentist in Newmarket every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and collect your fresh batch of aligners to continue your therapy.

If you adhere to the dentist’s advice and keep the braces on your teeth for the suggested hours, you will soon find your teeth have changed shape and appear beautiful to help you smile beautifully without showing off misshapen teeth.

Can I Use a Retainer Instead of Invisalign?

Retainers help hold your teeth into their new positions after reshaping them. Unfortunately, retainers cannot reshape your teeth if they are misshapen. However, after completing Invisalign therapy, the dentist recommends you wear retainers over your teeth to ensure they don’t return to their original positions. Your teeth are stubborn and can change shape if you don’t wear retainers to leave you with misshapen teeth within a week after completing Invisalign therapy. Therefore you cannot consider using retainers instead of Invisalign but do so after completing Invisalign therapy for best results.

If you have misshapen teeth due to orthodontic issues, Holland River Dental provides Invisalign therapy to reshape them. Kindly schedule a consultation with the facility today to evaluate your teeth and start treatment to have the beautiful teeth you desire.

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