General Dentistry Is Your Primary Dental Care Provider

General Dentistry Is Your Primary Dental Care Provider

Nov 01, 2021

The role of dentistry is to evaluate, diagnose, prevent and treat the body’s oral and maxillofacial area. Almost 80 percent of dentists work as general dentists providing the most common dental care needs of patients. The other 20 percent of dentists include professionals working as specialists in the field of endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery and pathology, and dental public health besides pediatric dentistry.

The professional practicing general dentistry near you offers restorative and preventive services like x-rays, teeth cleanings, cavity fillings, and dental sealants. While specialists focus on one specific area of dentistry, general dentists offer an extensive range of treatments and procedures besides treating patients of all ages.

If you need to undergo a painful procedure like root canal treatment, the preferred option for the treatment is an endodontist highly skilled in performing these procedures to remove infections from inside the tooth. However, you can also visit a general dentist to receive a root canal as the professionals are trained to provide the treatment.

Qualifications Of General Dentists

All dentists must complete four years of dental school after getting a bachelor’s degree. General dentists like the dentist in Bradford, ON, are no exception and have received this intensive education to gain the skills in performing tasks with their hands besides in-depth scientific knowledge about the field of dentistry. General dentists are also specialists in particular types of procedures based on the needs of their patients and their individual skills.

What Services Can You Receive from General Dentists?

General Dentistry in Bradford, ON, provides all services needed by their patients. The general dentists at this facility combine specialized care, including oral surgical procedures, restorative services, and essential dental care treatments to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums.

Some standard general dentistry services include dental exams and cleanings, x-rays, cavity fillings, oral cancer screenings, dental sealants, cosmetic dentistry procedures, and minor oral surgeries like wisdom tooth removal and tooth extractions.

Suppose you experience bleeding from the gums and contact a general dentist. In that case, they will likely treat you with deep cleanings performed by a dental hygienist and instruct you to maintain excellent dental hygiene at home to ensure you have healthy gums all over again.

Contacting a facility like Holland river dental to deal with an issue like bleeding gums is a sensible decision instead of going to a periodontist a specialist in treating gum disease. You receive treatment from the facility at affordable prices than specialists who will likely charge you higher fees for any services they provide.

Why Should General Dentistry Be Your Primary Dental Care Provider?

If you intend to maintain your oral health in excellent condition, you must visit dentists twice a year or more if the situation demands it. You find it comfortable and easier to schedule appointments with general dentistry instead of dental specialists. General dentists and specialists treat patients of all ages except for one minor aberration of only dealing with specific issues.

Specialists concentrate on their training and provide treatments related to the education they receive after completing dental school. On the other hand, general dentists, besides treating patients of all ages, also manage any issue reported by the patient by not restricting themselves to a particular specialty. It is a significant reason why general dentistry is the primary dental care provider best suited for your needs.

General dentistry practitioners are also appropriate if you have a family with children and senior members who all have different dental needs. For example, while you and your spouse may require common treatments like cleanings and exams or cavity fillings, your kid may need braces to correct bite misalignments. In such cases, general dentists can evaluate your child’s teeth and even place orthodontic braces in their mouths to correct the misalignments they notice.

If an elderly family member needs repair for dentures or replacements for dental implant failure, a general dentist can care for the needs of the elderly member to provide them with the restorative treatments needed without sending you to another dental facility.

When you deal with general dentistry as your primary dental care provider, you invest in a dental professional providing comprehensive services for your entire family under one roof. In addition, it prevents the need for driving around town to different dental specialists for every family member saving you time and money but ensuring your oral health remains in excellent condition.

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