General Dentistry for a Comprehensive Dental Care

General Dentistry for a Comprehensive Dental Care

Sep 01, 2020

Teeth help in chewing your food and breaking them into smaller parts that can be easier to digest. Apart from chewing and biting, teeth are an essential organ to help in talking. Unlike most other body organs, teeth have multiple functions and have immense aesthetic value.

Depending on the dental ailments, the treatments are varied. While pediatrics are specialized in treating the children’s dental issues, the family dentist is responsible for the dental care of different age groups. Emergency dentists are more experienced in treating dental trauma or dental problems that require immediate medical attention as a knocked-out tooth or a lost dental filling.

Who is A General Dentist

Apart from these specialist dentists, the dentists who take comprehensive care of your teeth and dental issues are the general dentists. Be it teeth whitening or administering crowns and bridges, the general dentists do it all.

The general dentist is the primary dental care provider. General dentistry in Bradford, ON can diagnose, treat, and manage your overall dental issues ranging from primary oral care to preventive dentistry.

Most of the general dentists are the holder of either a degree of doctor of dental surgery or that of a dental medicine doctor. The general dentist’s curriculum includes at least three years of undergraduate education, followed by four years of post-graduate degrees.

In addition to it, the general dentists receive special training in particular aspects of dentistry as cosmetic dentistry, or dental implant procedures, and dental sealants.

What General Dentists Do?

Although the number of specialist dentists is increasing, almost 80% of the dentists are general dentists who work on total dental care. Unlike specialists, who are trained to focus on a particular area of the dental cavity, the general dentists focus on the whole oral cavity.

#1: Preventive Dentistry

The general dentists can infuse a good oral habit by guiding you with the correct way of flossing and brushing. Regular visits to the dentist after specific intervals can help in diagnosing dental ailments.

The general dentist might also suggest ways of improving your oral hygiene at home. Dental sealants work wonder in preventing cavities and in protecting a chipped tooth. The dental sealants form a protective covering over the chewing surface and reduce the chances of cavities.

#2: Restorative Services

Due to their varied experiences in treating different dental ailments, the general dentists can ensure better and timely treatment. The most common restorative dentistry is tooth extraction. The dental gap might be filled with a dental crown or bridge.

If you possess healthy gums and facial bones, the dentist might also suggest going for dental implants. These groups of dentists can also diagnose and treat periodontal issues. They offer you the initial treatment in case you meet with dental trauma.

Placing a crown or getting you custom-made dentures is also the job of general dentists. Root canal therapy and orthodontics might also be performed in some cases. Wisdom teeth removal, inlays, onlays, and tooth bonding are some of the restorative services provided by general dentists.

#3: Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the latest incorporations and fastest-growing sectors of dentistry is a cosmetic treatment. You might be tired with stained teeth, or your crooked jaws might have given you a nightmare with numerous cuts. With teeth whitening, one of the most common aspects of cosmetic dentistry, you can boost of a bright smile.

The misaligned jaws may be set right with braces or veneers. The clear aligners are more preferred over traditional braces due to their convenience in handling and the aesthetic value. Clear aligners are almost invisible, and they can help in aligning your jawline.

When Should You Visit the Dentist?

The ideal span of visiting the dentist is at least twice a year. Regular visits to the dentist can help in diagnosing dental issues and initiate timely treatment. Toothaches and bleeding might be signs of some underlying disease and should not be ignored.

Holland River Dental in Bradford, ON, is a name you can trust. With a comfortable environment, flexible hours, and multilingual staff, you can experience general dentistry with modern technology.

In the dentistry field since 2010, Holland River Dental provides cosmetic and emergency dentistry apart from general dentistry. You can book an appointment online and avail of direct billing service.

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