Everything You Should Know About Zoom Teeth whitening

Everything You Should Know About Zoom Teeth whitening

Jun 01, 2020

Teeth whitening procedures are quickly gaining popularity across the globe. A Bradford dentist will tell you that the number of patients requiring teeth whitening services is larger than had been in the past. As the demand for teeth whitening dentists increases, the technology for achieving perfection continues to advance. Modern dentistry has all the right tools to get the job done when it comes to white teeth brightening. Read on to learn more about zoom whitening and why the procedure suits you.

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom is a tooth bleaching process used in dentistry to brighten the color of discolored teeth. the process has largely been used in the nation, as well as elsewhere in the world to leach the enamel and dentin of teeth. the whitening process uses a zoom advanced power chairside lamp that is useful for accelerating the bleaching process. This realizes better results quicker and more proficiently.

Many reasons can leave your teeth looking dull, and even stain. The discolorations on your teeth can be explained by some of the following causes:

  1. Food stains – foods like wine, coffee, cola, and tea can stain your teeth.
  2. Enamel thinning – this can be caused by aging. As you age, the enamel of your teeth is lost over time. Other than that, acidic food items can corrode the surface of your teeth can cause the thinning.
  3. Smoking – tobacco usage can severely stain your teeth.
  4. Medication and medical conditions.

How Does the Zoom Treatment Work?

Before any treatment commences, the dentist usually conducts a comprehensive test and exam on your oral cavity. The tests will help ascertain that your oral cavity is in perfect health. The last thing anyone wants is for the whitening process to worsen an existing oral problem. A major area of concern is the gum tissue.

Further, this is the moment where tour dentist specifically determines the cause of your teeth discoloration.

The zoom advanced power chairside lamp is one of the main tools used to whiten your teeth. Ideally, the dentist will apply a layer of whitening gel, usually containing hydrogen peroxide. The zoom lamp is then used to activate the break down of the hydrogen peroxide on teeth. This gel substance is left on your teeth for about 15 minutes or so. As this happens, oxygen penetrates to the enamel and dentin of your teeth, to bleach the stained substances thereof.

Once the first 15 minutes are over, the dentist will repeat the whole process. This has to be done in three rounds, which brings your treatment to a period of 45 minutes in total. During the sessions, you can relax and listen to music or watch a TV show.

After the 45 minutes, your teeth bleaching process is over. Therefore, immediately after, the dentist will apply a fluoride paste specifically made for sensitivity reduction. The gel will be applied to all your teeth to help with the recovery period.

This whole process does not in any way tamper with the structure of your natural tooth. This is why it is considered safe. Besides, since the bleaching process happens quickly, your teeth are not at risk of sabotage.

It Professional Teeth Whitening Effective?

The results of zoom whitening are highly reliable for bright white teeth. however, when it comes to permanency, the results do not last forever. How you maintain your white teeth will play a big role in how far the results will take you. In most cases, patients require another whitening procedure after a couple of months or a year.

What you do between the whitening procedures is what makes the difference. Some of the ways you can maintain your results include the following:

  1. Quit smoking and all tobacco usage
  2. Brush your teeth after every meal and floss every day.
  3. Consider deep cleans every six months or so, to ensure plaque does not contribute to the dulling process of your teeth.
  4. Choose your meals wisely – foods with heavy pigments will only deteriorate your results. If you must eat them, be sure to brush your teeth right afterward. Otherwise, reduce your intake of acidic foods that can also corrode the enamel of your teeth.

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